Thursday, January 15, 2009

Respecting the gods

The Egyptians believed in many god and goddesses which made them polytheism. They care about their gods so much that they had a building for each of the gods and in them they would have a statue. Every day the priest and his most trusted assistance would go in the building and bathe them and clothes them, and would then swipe away the foot prints he left to show that he wasn't there. What ever the gods ate the Egyptians would eat the same. Every few days of the year the priest would hold festivals to worship.


The Pharaohs and the priest were aloud in to the temples of the gods. And they could only be the ones to hear from the gods. To hear what they want to do with them. The gods never die. So the old and new Egyptian could get to pray and then worship gods. Soon they would be judged in the underworld to live a good life or bad.

Reason for gods

They had a god or goddesses for every reason the needed for. Prayer was one the best way to worship the gods. To talk to them if you had a problem. The gods were seen as human bodies and animal heads. Their gods were for really for the reasons that they couldn't explain or did know what it was.

After Life

The Egyptian believed in an after life that they would go to when they died. The Book of the Dead was very important for it had spells in them for the dead. When they did die, they would be mummified and then they would take the persons heart and weigh it to a feather. If the heart was liter than the feather then they would live happily in the after life. But if it weighed more then the feather the god Ammut would come and eat it up. The underworld was guard by the god Osiris.


When there was nothing but Nun the dark waters of chaos. Ben-ben arose from the waters as hill. Then Ra came, he was the first god. Next Ra coughed up Shu god of air and Tefnut goddess of moisture. The two of them had two children. Geb the god of the earth and then Nut goddess of the sky. So then, Shu lifted up Nut to become the canopy over Geb. While the earth rotates Ra takes a journey around the earth and when he goes to the dark side when the moon was up they would think that he was going through the underworld. So the Egyptian prayed for Ra as he made his journey.

How did the Egyptians worship the gods?

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